Sudhir Variyar

Sudhir Variyar

Managing Director

I teamed up with Renuka at the inception of Multiples. It has been, and continues to be an exhilarating journey as we have watched Multiples evolve from a two-person outfit operating from Renuka's residence to an established platform with a track record of success.

At Multiples, I perform a key role in various firm-wide activities, including organizational design, fund raising and talent development. The letter 'P' in our logo is in the colour red to signify the importance of 'People' and 'Partnership' in our approach. Increasingly, I spend my time on business development, in building our ecosystem of partnerships and putting more focus on the 'People' side of business.

The favorite part of my job continues to be investments. It's a privilege to meet and to work with great entrepreneurs and management teams, and to challenge myself and the team to create positive impact in Multiples' journey as investors with them.

During my career, I have evaluated and made investments in a diverse set of sectors. Today, I primarily focus on financial services and maintain a secondary interest in healthcare and logistics sectors.

My current passion is to learn the classical language Sanskrit. Born in a family that has had a tradition of scholarliness in the language, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure continuity of the legacy.

Email: sudhir.variyar [@]