Sridhar Sankararaman

Sridhar Sankararaman

Managing Director

I joined Multiples close to its inception in 2009, returning to investing in India after working with Sun Group in Private Equity in London.

To me, Multiples is unique in its entrepreneurial culture, wherein every team member can realise one’s true potential irrespective of designation. We are bound by a common vocabulary about what makes a Multiples deal through evaluation frameworks that we have all co-created, while encouraged to play to our strengths in our approach to transactions and portfolio management.

During my investing career, I have been able to connect well with promoters and influence them on strategic decisions such as bringing in professional management, rethinking the way hiring decisions are made or evaluating different avenues of growth. I think of my ability to influence as one of my key strengths, and use it to bring about positive change. I enjoy brainstorming business ideas with our portfolio companies, and derive immense satisfaction when promoters derive value from these interactions as well.

My professional success has been greatly shaped by my mother, who always made available the time and resources for the right things in life and taught me the value of resource allocation.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, particularly with my young son and daughter.

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