Nithya Easwaran

Nithya Easwaran

Managing Director

I joined Multiples in May 2010 after a 10 year stint with Citibank in structured finance and debt capital markets. I felt excited to embark on a new learning journey with people I had known and respected for more than a decade, and nervous about living upto the confidence reposed in me to succeed in a business that I had never done before.

At Multiples, I focus on financial services sector, corporate action-led situations and in creating a franchise for Multiples with top corporate houses in India. I have brought my strengths of structuring, execution and managing relationships to the fore in marquee transactions like PVR, IEX and Arvind Fashions and have been able to generate positive influence in my portfolio companies. I have explored a new dimension- understanding people, their motivations, and values- while working on developing our proprietary Leadership Energy Level Framework to analyze DNA of entrepreneurs and management teams. I continue to learn every day on what it takes to identify, nurture and exit an investment successfully.

It is a matter of joy and pride to be part of building an institution with a lofty vision, collaborative win-win culture and focus on delivering value to our investors and portfolio companies. Multiples has created a strong bond amongst the team by engaging with each member as a person and a professional, so much so that the families of the team members are its biggest votaries.

I enjoy spending time with my "almost a teenager" son and love reading - lately neurosciences and the origin of homo-sapiens have been holding my attention. I like the calm and beauty of nature and aspire to spend more time in its embrace. I spend a small portion of my time on weekends teaching Maths to disadvantaged children. On my long list of things I wish to do in the near future are learning Sanskrit and photography.

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