Nidhi Prabhakar

Nidhi Prabhakar


I joined Multiples in late 2011 after spending 4 years across corporate & investment banking. At Multiples I have invested and evaluated opportunities across multiple sectors with focus on pharma, healthcare, logistics, business services and industrials.

My stints with SBI Capital & GE Capital gave me a good perspective on evaluating and pitching investments but I missed the chance to engage with these companies in a more meaningful manner over the long term; hence, the decision to switch to private equity. A career in private equity is like embarking on a lifelong learning journey where there is a new problem to solve every day. PE investing has taught me that no strategy makes sense unless it is thought through along with people issues ; excel sheets are important but only to some extent.

At Multiples, I have been fortunate to be involved with two of our very high involvement portfolio investments – Vikram Hospitals (a buyout) and IEX (largest shareholder). It has been extremely gratifying to have created shareholder returns in these companies which would not have been possible if not for our culture that drives a strong sense of ownership and a hands on approach.

I consider myself lucky to have begun my private equity career with Multiples and count myself, as an investment professional, an adherent to the “Multiples way”. At Multiples, we put People at the core of our investment decision making process. The Multiples way is deeply ingrained in all of us as it has evolved with the collaborative effort of the entire team.

Besides my work, I love spending time with my two kids. I love reading books to them and bringing new experiences to life.

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