Arjun Arikeri

Arjun Arikeri


I first joined Multiples in 2013 as an Associate, where I was part of three transactions – Delhivery, South Indian Bank and Sara Sae. I moved to KKR in 2015 to be part of the Special Situations Group in India where I spent two years, before returning to Multiples in 2017.

At Multiples, my greatest excitement lies in being part of a defining journey in the life of great businesses and entrepreneurs and sharing their successes and failures along the way. I have been in an investing role for over 7 years now, and to me investing is a lifelong apprenticeship. Moreover, my previous experience in credit rating, public market investing, special situations and private equity has given me the foundation required to make a difference at Multiples.

Multiples' approach to investing and making decisions keeps ‘People’ at the centre. This combined with the wealth of experience of the team, and a deep understanding of the Indian psyche, make it a truly differentiated and enriching platform.

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