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Renuka Ramnath

I founded Multiples in 2009, driven by my core belief in the infinite capacity of human potential to create value.

Renuka Ramnath

Over my 30+ year career, I have built businesses spanning investment banking, structured finance, incubation of internet ventures and investing. It has empowered me with deep experience in handling complex business and financial situations, tackling unpredictable market conditions, building highly capable teams, and lasting relationships with clients.

Multiples is a culmination of my beliefs, experiences and relationships coming together to channelize high-quality, long-term capital towards the growth of the Indian economy. At Multiples, I aim to build a lasting, highly successful and reputed institution that will deliver the potential of alternative investments in India.

My core focus is to nurture worthy entrepreneurs, and to convert smart graduates into high-quality investment professionals. In that journey, I expect the best from myself, the entrepreneurs with whom I work and from my team. While I could be perceived as demanding professionally, I seek to nurture relationships within and outside the organization at a personal level. My belief that the personal and professional exist in a seamless continuum have shaped the culture at Multiples into an organization that is deeply rooted in the Indian values of warmth, empathy and hospitality.

When I am not helping build businesses, I take great pleasure in conceptualizing and building spaces. Designing unique and inspiring spaces satisfies my aesthetic inclinations and marries it with my love for the fine arts.

I also enjoy providing parenting tips! To my mind, the best one is to use the limited time you have with your children to really listen to them, and not to tell them things that they don't want to know.