We are committed to integrating ESG frameworks into our investment approach and engagement with portfolio companies to deliver long-term value for our stakeholders.

While we examine ESG parameters when first investing in a company, we engage deeper with our portfolio companies during the course of our investment cycle. We believe that attention to ESG principles reduces overall risk, as it demands closer attention to regulatory detail, environmental impact and social responsibility.

It also enhances brand value by shaping companies with an eye for a more ethical and better future, thus creating greater value for stakeholders. Our commitment is to increase awareness on the importance of ESG principles, with a view to securing the future and growth of the companies. We encourage our portfolio companies to manage risks responsibly and to go beyond regulatory requirements.

Multiples has adopted a comprehensive Environment and Social Management Systems Policy. Primarily it will use the Code of Responsible Investing, and will ensure that all investments are reviewed and evaluated against the requirements of the following standards:

  1. Applicable local, national and international environmental and social (including occupational health and safety) legislation and conventions;

  2. IFC Performance standards, 2012;

  3. IFC/World Bank EHS General and relevant Sector-Specific Guidelines as applicable;

  4. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Safeguard Policy Statement 2009[1], Social Protection Strategy 2001[2], and Policy on Gender and Development 2003[3]; and

  5. National Investment & Infrastructure Fund E&S Management policy[4].


Please reach out to for details of the policy. 



Employment and Induced employment

Impact: Since 2012, PVR has grown its employment by 12% and it now provides jobs to 10,000 employees. It has a strong culture of employee development, and the company trains 3,000 entertainment service providers, predominately consisting of young workers, to shape skills for future work opportunities. As a tenant in a majority of the top 20 malls across the country, PVR also creates interlinked growth for complementary businesses, such as fresh food vendors and AC companies, thus forming a much wider network of economic impact.


PVR Nest

Impact: PVR channels its growth and medium to help underprivileged children reach their potential. PVR Nest runs Childscapes, an initiative that offers social, cultural and educational activities to children 'at risk' in urban areas. Reaching over 1,000 children, Childscapes works to help integrate them into formal schooling and also provides over 5,000 nutritious meals a month.

PVR Nest also runs the nation's largest cinema-based education programme, Cine-Art, which encourages children to use their imagination to create film. The success of this programme is evident in its numbers: over 300,000 children have been reached in over 500 schools, and 80 films have been created and screened in PVR cinemas, influencing 75 million patrons.

Vastu Housing Finance


Housing loans

Impact: Since December 2015, Vastu has provided loans to 4,000 families. These loans are directed to those who are self-employed, non-salaried or working in the unorganised sector, such as small grocery shops and auto drivers. Using a combination of deep credit and housing finance expertise, Vastu helps fulfil the ambitions of the low and informal income sector. By providing financial assistance to those who were hitherto excluded, Vastu actively aligns with the government's objective to provide housing for all by 2022.


Pulse, a tech platform

Impact: In an effort to reach more marginalised markets, such as the outskirts of urban areas or catchments of small towns, Vastu developed a tech platform that could extend their reach - Pulse.

Pulse, which was built in-house, allows Vastu to give an 'in principle' approval for a loan before making physical validation. Thanks to this technology platform, Vastu is able to roll out more efficiently and reach a larger market using less than half the number of employees of traditional companies. Using Pulse, Vastu has reached and serviced loans in 27 branches across 7 states.



Impact: In line with its ethos of making the dream of owning a home a reality, Vastu currently employs 320 people in 24 branches across 8 states.

Within the next year, they plan to expand this to an additional 25 branches and 65 spoke locations, thus generating employment for over 200 people.