Our culture sets us apart from most financial services firms. We’re vibrant, warm & a family that stays true to our Indian heritage.

Multiples Culture
We believe that food brings us together

We believe that food brings us together.

Our in-house staff puts delicious home-style meals on our tables every day!

Our cafeteria is where we gather to not just eat but to talk, share and connect.

If there’s one thing you won’t forget, it is our delicious filter coffee.

Every Diwali, we gather together with our families to bring in the Festival of Lights.

We gather together with our families

We believe strongly in the power of collaborative thinking. Nature is an inspiration for us, which is why our strategy off-sites are often in the beautiful and pristine Khadakwasla.

Our annual off-site is a family affair! We gather together with our spouses and kids to connect.

Each one of our meeting rooms are named after musical Raagas.

Each one of our rooms is donned with an environment-friendly, traditional Indian ‘matka’ (clay pot) for drinking water. It’s delicious and always cool – we promise!