Corporate Social Responsibility

As torchbearers of empowerment, we believe in the betterment of the society in which we operate. Our CSR endeavours are shaped by a deep commitment towards enabling, be that for marginalised communities or underdeveloped businesses. We partner with NGOs to effect change across all spheres of society – education, health, culture and the arts.

Empowerment lies at the core of Multiples, and resonates in our partnerships with portfolio companies.

Multiples Good Faith Foundation

Founded in 2009, Multiples Alternate Asset Management (Multiples) is an India-focused investment firm. Today Multiples manages US$ 1.8 billion. It has invested in over 26 Companies covering a wide breadth of the economy. PVR, Arvind Fashions, Vastu Housing finance, Delhivery, Dream11, Vikram hospital, Encube Pharma are investments made by Multiples, to name a few.

Multiples holds a strong belief that Capital alone does not drive success. It requires imagination, hard work and relentless drive to succeed. Further Multiples philosophy is rooted on its belief that People form the core reason for making any business a success. Identifying these people, and backing their ambitions has resulted in a win-win partnership both for the entrepreneur and Multiples.

Today, Multiples would like to apply the same philosophy to its initiative, the Multiples Good Faith Foundation. The Foundation would like to direct resources, be it financial or human, to provide opportunities for talented and hardworking students from needy backgrounds. Through appropriate intervention by the foundation, the goal is to provide talented youth the resources and opportunity to build successful careers.

As a start the foundation would direct its resources to the families of those warriors who have fallen to the CoVid 19 virus. Multiples Good Faith Foundation would like to put its financial and human resources to work to support the education of children or help with skill development so that these families who have lost loved ones - recover, become self-reliant and successful.

Multiples Good Faith Foundation can be contacted at:

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Multiples Good Faith Foundation

Multiples endeavours to help during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Corona Pandemic has deeply affected our country. It is imperative that we help the communities impacted. We believe that every small step can make a difference. Multiples actively supports various organisations that are helping out on the ground.

ACT Grants

INR 100 CR grant fund created by India’s start-up community to give wings to ideas that could combat Covid-19 with immediate impact

Launched on April 1, 2020, this initiative works in the areas of solutions for preventive care , PPE, Testing and , ICU Augmentation, Hospital Capacity Management and Mental Health. It is backed by a 100+ member volunteers from the start up and VC community.

If you are interested, please see the initiatives and donate at


Multiples supports YUVA for their initiative “Together We Can: Spread Love, Not Corona” a COVID-19 relief initiative in association with the non-profit development organisation Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). 100% of the funds raised have gone towards relief efforts in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. During the lockdown, YUVA has been providing food & hygiene ration kits to vulnerable families, cooked meals for migrant workers & frontline workers, essential kits for migrant workers who are going back to their hometowns and protective gear for volunteers. For more details on the relief efforts till date, please visit and click on the updates section.

If interested please donate generously to (fundraising page on Ketto for this initiative) and (YUVA website)

Empowerment through skilling

Empowerment through skilling

At Multiples, we believe that skilling marginalised sections of society can transform their future. The right skills can provide the right form of employment, which can change the trajectory of a person's life.

This is why we have partnered with the NGO Pankh - Wings of Destiny, which trains people with disabilities. In 2017-18, Multiples' programme with Pankh trained 44 women from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Odisha in training centers across Pune, New Delhi & Bangarpet.

The programme found jobs in the retail sector for these women with physical disabilities and hearing/speech impairments, leading to 89% of them being gainfully employed today. It has been exceptionally rewarding to see them shape financially independent lives for themselves.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the initiative, or contributing to Pankh, just visit:

Sustainability within Multiples

Sustainability within Multiples

Climate change is a growing concern that poses a threat to our communities and environment. Recognising our own commitment to sustainable development, we employed the non-profit CERE to conduct a carbon footprint analysis of our office in 2017, and adopted energy-saving measures in line with the report. Post this, our energy consumption has reduced by 7.3% and we have now replaced plastic bottles with sustainable clay pots for water consumption.

We also scrutinised our annual investor conference so as to make it more environmentally friendly. In the future, we plan to make this conference carbon neutral by offsetting any unavoidable emissions through an annual tree-planting event. Moving forward, our goals are to invest in solar energy and composting solutions. Leading by example, we will work with our portfolio companies to better streamline their own sustainability initiatives and shape a greener future.

Employee engagement with the environment

Employee engagement with the environment

Employees play a pivotal role in minimising environmental impact, both within the company and in their own social spheres.

At Multiples, we conducted a survey to gauge employee commitment towards sustainability. We found an overwhelmingly positive response, with 47% expressing an interest in participating in our company's CSR strategy and 74% voicing their belief in individual responsibility towards protecting the environment.

Based on this survey's results, we conducted a training workshop on environmental sustainability for all our employees. Our employees also collaborated with CERE to plant 150 native trees to sequester carbon dioxide in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, as part of a World Environment Day event.

Employee engagement with the environment