Multiples Good
Faith Foundation

Our mission is to empower youth to overcome the limitations of their environment and achieve their full professional potential.

About Us

About Multiples good Faith Foundation

Multiples Good Faith Foundation (MGFF) aims to help children realize their capabilities and aspirations and encourages them to achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally. The MGFF scholarship, our flagship programme, provides holistic support to deserving candidates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

“MGFF holds a strong belief in the power of human capital. Human capital, powered by imagination, hard work, and relentless drive will lead to success.”

Keeping in mind these values, the MGFF scholarship chooses 20 scholars each year who demonstrate tremendous grit and passion and provides them with financial and skill-development support to help them reach their goals and thrive in professional settings. The scholarship programme aims to customize the support based on the needs of each scholar. The scholarship is stream-agnostic and applicable to students who have completed the 12th standard and beyond.

The uniqueness of the MGFF scholarship is brought about by its association with Multiples Alternate Asset Management, a private equity fund. This association allows the programme to compile a strong network of resources that can be leveraged to propel the scholar beyond the limitations of their environment.