Quantiphi is a leading India-US based Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data services company, providing solutions to Fortune 500 clients across sectors viz. consumer, insurance, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, and technology. Quantiphi’s solutions enable global enterprises to create tangible business value by building smarter products, achieving frictionless customer experiences, automating complex processes and managing risks. They have offices across Boston, New Jersey, Toronto, Mumbai and Bengaluru, and are a premier AI partner to Google (GCP), Amazon (AWS), Nvidia and TensorFlow.

Artificial Intelligence is at an inflection point globally, creating a greenfield market in outsourced tech solutions. Quantiphi, founded in 2013 by Asif Hasan, Reghu Hariharan, Ritesh Patel and Vivek Khemani is a first-mover in AI solutions with proven technology and delivery capabilities at scale, across industries.

Sector | Enterprise Technology

Status | Current

Year of investment | 2019